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Engine Test Services

On-Aircraft Dyno Test Services

Put the dyno on your airplane!


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Performance Testing

What combination of manifold pressure and RPM really gives you the most power?

You can utilize the TECAT system to find the best settings for your aircraft. 

How much more power am I getting out of those expensive engine modifications? 

You can use the TECAT system to evaluate the impact of each change that you make.


Health Monitoring

Am I firing on all cylinders?

You can use the TECAT system to take an "EKG" of your engine to get a detailed picture of engine health.

Is that compression check and oil analysis really enough?

You can use the TECAT system to establish an engine health baseline and then trend it over time. 

“This takes laboratory instrumentation into the real environment.

It is being on the leading edge of technology.”

— John Parker, Blue Thunder Air Racing, Reno Air Race Champion

Thundering Mustangs, Kitplanes Magazine, July 2017


What We Do for You

Bolt it on and Test!

AvTorque services are built around proven wireless torque measurement technology from TECAT Performance Systems. Our core services utilize TECAT's technology installed on propeller extensions from Saber Manufacturing. We offer testing services with these TECAT-enabled extensions at our location in Ann Arbor, MI, or we can come to you. Our services always begin with a consultation to understand your testing needs and goals. Below is a quick overview of our core test services.


1. Install & Remove Propeller Extension

We contract with a local mechanic - or use your own - to install and remove the propeller extension. 


2. Ground Test and/or Flight Test

We will tie down your aircraft and test run the engine on the ground. You may also test fly your aircraft if you have an experimental aircraft that can safely fly with the extension.


3. Report Data

We can provide a data acquisition system, or we can integrate to your system. We highly recommend our data acquisition partner 51Aero for the best in on-aircraft data analysis. We will provide a you with a report of your engine data with enough resolution to see each cylinder event. Advanced analysis options are also available.

Don't hesitate to ask about your unique needs!